Know it. Grow it. Share it.



About Mina Ennin Black, Financial Planner

Mina Ennin Black wants to live in a world where people understand their money, are interested in finding ways to grow it and are unabashedly committed to giving it away to friends, loved ones and complete strangers.

Mina spent the majority of her career as a Financial Advisor at one of the world’s largest wealth management firms.. With over a decade experience in wealth management she’s committed to helping clients demystify the sometimes confusing world of personal finance.

Want a speaker that can keep your audiences engaged while educating them? Then look no further.

Mina has given presentations to countless audiences. Her easy to understand approach to managing your money will leave your audiences with actionable tips and tools that they can implement before they leave your event.

Mina has given presentations for nonprofits and businesses all over. She currently conducts personal finance workshops and seminars for various organizations throughout the United States.

She’s on a mission to help as many people as she can not only know their money but help them use actionable strategies to grow it and share it with those they love.


Knowledge & Action Is Everything

The old saying that knowledge is power makes up the core of Life Event Financial Planning & InTheBlack financial workshops.

The more you know about your world and the financial players that make up the world the better off you’ll be.

It’s one thing to know you should be saving for emergencies and retirement it’s another thing to actually do it.

As a Financial Planner, Mina Black strives to arm you with not only financial-know how but strategies to help you build wealth your way.